By Ana Sánchez Gijón

Written by María Sanz Esteve, Ana Sánchez Gijón

Produced by Imira Entertainment

Sales Agents Imira Entertainment

Hello! I'm Cleo and although it is assumed that dogs do not speak I will tell you my story. I am a curious and playful puppy. I am also somewhat aimlessly, I always mess it. I intend to get all those beautiful things that I like about my owner and friend Irma, who is a very happy girl and an excellent draughtswoman. Once I grow up! I want to be like Irma! Her drawings will be precisely the illustrations of our adventures. Now I'm plotting a cunning plan to get some beautiful and bright colourful braces as Irma. I will get it!


  • Comedy
  • 39x6 '
  • Children
  • Dolby Digital
  • Colour
  • 2D Digital
  • English, Spanish