Mirette Investigates

La Mirette investiga


Written by TBC

Produced by KD Productions Toons & Games
Televisió de Catalunya

Sales Agents Cyber Group Studios

Mirette Investigates is an animated traveling detective comedy.
First of all there is Mirette, 8 years old. Her passion is to in-ves-ti-gate! Kidnappings, thefts, disappearances, mysteries of all kinds - she loves it all. Helping her in her investigations is Jean-Pat, her catssistant, a lazy but extremely efficient red tomcat.
And then we also have great cities around the world: London, Paris, New York and Barcelona. Each case takes place in a tourism destination, giving our dynamic duo the opportunity to learn more about the monuments, the culture, and the customs of the countries they visit.



  • Adventure, Animation
  • 52x12 '
  • Children
  • Dolby Stereo
  • Colour
  • HD
  • English, Catalan, French