Bradley and Bee

En Brauli i la Bet

By Mercedes Marro

Written by John Smith

Produced by Tomavistas
Red Kite Animation

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Bradley (7) and his sister Bee (5), share a special secret: they have a magical book which, when opened, takes them into a world full of adventure. As they start to read the stories within their book, Bradley and Bee are transported straight into the heart of the action aboard Victor, a model plane that sits in pride of place in Bradley and Bee's playroom. Whenever they land, either rainforest, desert, or snowy mountain peaks, Bradley and Bee are the heroes of the hour. As their day draws to a close, and they fly away on Victor, they leave behind new friends, but take a new memory with them.


  • Adventure, Education
  • 52x11 '
  • Children
  • Dolby Stereo
  • Colour
  • HD 3D Digital
  • English