My Neighborhood's Team

L'equip del meu barri

By Rafa de los Arcos

Written by Rafa de los Arcos

Produced by Boogaloo Films

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Ceares is a small neighborhood football team with 70 years of history behind it. Four seasons ago, the club was the dying victim of debts and neglect, until 4 friends of the club with zero experience decided to take the reins.
Today, four years later, the team is enjoying a golden age. The atmosphere at La Cruz Stadium is the envy of every team in the category, and despite its humble resources, the club attracts quality players each year.
Yet it's not all fun and games at Ceares. Being the most humble team in the category also entails a bitter struggle against the elements to stay afloat. A story of survival in the millionaire football era.


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  • 80 '
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  • Spanish