Tarajal: Deconstructing Impunity at the Southern Border

Tarajal: Desmuntant la impunitat a la frontera sud

By Xavier Artigas, Xapo Ortega

Written by Metromuster, Observatori DESC

Produced by Metromuster
In association with:
Observatori DESC

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The events that took place at the beach of El Tarajal in Ceuta (Spain) in February 2014 - the killing by the border police of 15 people who were trying to reach the Spanish coast - are an example of how the police force can violate the laws of its own country and international conventions with total impunity. The worst part is that this violation of human rights is protected by the Spanish Ministry of Interior itself, which hinders any effective action by the prosecution. For this reason, the civil society plays a fundamental role in revealing the facts. This is where the figure of collective complaints (DESC Observatory and the association Coordinadora de Barrios) steps in.


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