L'Amatore (the Amateur)


By Maria Mauti

Written by Maria Mauti

Cast Piero Portaluppi

Produced by Zucre Films

Sales Agents Nexo Digital

The film L'Amatore (the Amateur) is a journey through the intimacy of a well-known architect, Piero Portaluppi - who worked during the twenty years of fascism - made via the discovery of his work in the present and through his film journals; unreleased 16 mm archives shot and edited by the architect himself.
A charming and powerful man, Portaluppi lived through this magnificent and tragic era with indifference and irony, without restraints and by creating beauty. Meanwhile, history relentlessly marched on in step with the events of the time.


  • Documentary
  • 94 '
  • +12
  • Dolby Stereo Digital 5.1
  • Colour B&W
  • 16mm HD 2D Digital
  • Italian