Street Name, Pirate

Street name, Pirate (Pseudònim Pirata)

By Patricio Castilla

Written by Patricio Castilla

Cast Kevin Gibson

Produced by Lluís Miñarro

Sales Agents Eddie Saeta

Homeless yet always flamboyantly dressed; a man of numerous monikers yet an absolutely singular character; Pirate, a.k.a. Monarch, a.k.a. Kevin, lives in the streets. Or, as Pirate himself puts it, he is a resident of Miami's South Beach “Sandominium”.
This funky film finds Pirate reflecting on his life adventures from various street corners and parking lots, or while using the public exercise equipment at Miami Beach.
Street Name, Pirate speaks of the alarming ease with which individuals fall through the cracks of a supposedly affluent society. But it is also a tribute to one man's formidable survival skills and unrelenting ''joie de vivre''.


  • Biography
  • 21 '
  • Digital 5.1
  • Colour
  • HD
  • English