Written by Ed Antoja

Produced by La Diferencia

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I'm Ed and I'm a nonconformist.
But I have not been as demanding with my dreams. I have contented myself with making ads instead of movies and living comfortably instead of doing whatever it takes to feel fulfilled.
Now I leave Barcelona to embark on a trip to the US: the country where ''you can do it'' outweighs ''value what you have''; the country where I always dreamed of making a movie.
I start on a path where I will meet people at different stages of the pursuit of their dreams, to find out if a broken dream is better than not trying. But I'm also afraid to fulfill my dream and continue with the same feeling of dissatisfaction.
I'll find out soon enough.



  • Experimental
  • 57 '
  • Adults
  • Dolby Stereo
  • Colour
  • HD
  • English, Spanish, Catalan