By Marta Arrufat

Written by Marta Arrufat

Produced by Televisió de Catalunya

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Marathon is more than a television programme. After 25 years, it has crossed normality's borders to become a social phenomenon. The documentary Marathon explores what the programme is through the testimonies of six people who became some of its protagonists. Marathon has impacted their lives and they will explain why. When they participated in the programme they knew that medical research may not be able to help them, but like them, Marathon looks towards the future, so future generations may have access to a cure for those illnesses that today are incurable. We'll also be joined by presenters, musicians, artists, doctors, researchers and volunteers. All of them are in part responsible for what the programme Marathon currently represents.



  • Documentary
  • 60 '
  • General Audiences
  • Colour
  • HD
  • Catalan