The Other Side of the Wall

Al otro lado del muro

By Pau Ortiz

Written by Pau Ortiz

Produced by Intactes
Bambú Audiovisual

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Ale (18) and Rocio's (13) relationship is faced with the greatest challenge possible when their mother is imprisoned under dubious charges. They have to act as father and mother to their two younger siblings.
Initially they promise to help each other and keep their family together until their mother is released.
But as undocumented Honduran immigrants their right to live, work and study in Mexico was already under threat.
And soon the prison wall that keeps their mother away gives rise to other emotional barriers that prevent the brother and sister from understanding each other.
Just as they start to lose hope the family's life takes an unexpected twist.


  • Documentary
  • 67 '
  • Colour
  • HD
  • Spanish