Night and Day

Nit i dia

By Manuel Huerga, Oriol Paulo

Written by Lluís Arcarazo, Jordi Galcerán, Oriol Paulo, Jordi Casanovas

Cast Clara Segura, Pablo Derqui, Miquel Fernández

Produced by Televisió de Catalunya

Sales Agents Televisió de Catalunya

Night and Day is a realistic thriller centered around medical examiners, police, judges…people whose day to day work brings them in constant contact with the darkest side of reality.
Sara Grau is a forensic pathologist happily married to a high-level corporate executive. Night and Day starts off the day that, while performing an autopsy on an unidentified body, she thinks she recognizes him as someone with whom she had shared a brief affair in the past. This discovery turns her life upside down, revealing a hidden truth lying beneath a veneer of apparent stability.
From that point on, Sara finds herself trying to juggle between determining the cause of death in a string of murders, and maintaining a stable and normal life that includes the decision of whether or not to have a child with her husband.
Life and death in constant play.



  • Thriller
  • 13x50 '
  • Colour
  • HD
  • Catalan