Ana by Day

Ana de dia

By Andrea Jaurrieta

Written by Andrea Jaurrieta

Cast Ingrid García-Jonsson, Álvaro Ogalla, Fernando Albizu

Produced by No hay banda, S.L.
Andrea Jaurrieta PC

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What would you do if one day you realise that a double, a doppelganger similar to you, has taken your place in life and nobody even suspects that she is not you? If all your obligations, all your duties, were being perfomed by that ‘other you', would you fight to recover your lost identity? Or, on the contrary, would you try to find your own being far from everything that was supposed to be your ‘normal' life? And, in that case, will this option help you find real happiness?


  • Drama
  • 90 '
  • +7
  • Digital 5.1
  • Colour
  • HD
  • Spanish