By Cristina Sánchez Salamanca

Written by Cristina Sánchez Salamanca, Manuel Lógar, Francesc Estrada III

Cast Josep Linuesa, Ginette Muñoz

Produced by ESCAC Films

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This is the story of a house, Casa, and the two different people who live inside it. Julio has everything: he's successful, attractive, and charismatic, and has this incredible house all to himself. In his forties, Julio is living his bachelor dream, filled with pleasures and excesses. One day, he decides to celebrate this lifestyle by throwing the most exclusive New Year's Eve party. Sole, his maid and confidant, accompanies him during the night, helping him organise the party. Throughout the night, Julio and Sole's relationship will be pushed to the limit, putting their friendship to the test and forcing us to reflect on human relationships, power status and the loneliness that little by little separates us from other human beings.


  • Drama
  • 15 '
  • Digital 5.1
  • Colour
  • 2D Digital
  • Spanish