By Caye Casas, Albert Pintó

Written by Caye Casas, Albert Pintó

Cast Josep Maria Riera, Itziar Castro, Carme Sansa

Produced by Alhena Production

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In a tiny village, a woman carefully prepares for her husband's funeral. She wants for everything to be perfect, as it is very important for her to keep up appearances with the guests. The problem is that a few hours before the funeral begins, her ‘dead' husband wakes up and declares he feels perfectly well. The husband intends to cancel the funeral and go out to explain to the guests that he is alive, but his wife and his mother do not want to call the funeral off and look ridiculous in front of the village, so they will do everything they can to convince the 'dead' man to die definitively and allow the funeral to continue as if nothing had happened.


  • Black Comedy
  • 15 '
  • Dolby Digital
  • Colour
  • HD
  • Spanish