Liberty Park

By Txema Torres

Written by Txema Torres

Cast Judit Farrés, Carlos Serrano-Clark, Francesc Cuéllar

Produced by Cicely Films

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Liberty Park is at the end of its days. Paquito, educated in the city, goes back to the park after a long time away, only to find a desolate place. Only Pepín, his brother, is still working there. Paquito has brought from the city a copy of a picture of their mother at the zenith of her career: ‘Liberty Leading the People'. Throughout the years, lots of people kept coming from all corners of the world to have their photos taken with Liberty. But now no one comes to the park. The only thing that stays the same is Liberty, with her body covered in desert sand. And with nobody to follow her. The family business is going down and Liberty is in a catatonic state. But her sons have a plan.


  • Drama
  • 10 '
  • Dolby Digital Digital 5.1
  • Colour
  • HD
  • Spanish