By David Gutiérrez Camps

Written by David Gutiérrez Camps

Cast Musa Camara, Samba Diallo, Deborah Marín

Produced by Camille Zonca
David Gutierrez Camps

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Undergrowth is a meditative experience that accompanies Musa, a young man from Mauritania, as he drifts through the woods surrounding Girona. There, he finds himself completely outside from our mainstream society, collecting pinecones and brushwood that he will later sell to local dealers. He lives on the fringes of 21st century European society, but his job is the oldest in existence. Musa lives his adventures around the daily life of a country that still suffers the ravaging consequences of a burst housing bubble. Somehow, Musa seems to keep his spirits high: the rivers of his sadness flow underground.



  • Drama
  • 78 '
  • Colour
  • HD
  • Spanish, Catalan, Soninke