El Guardián invisible

By Fernando González Molina

Written by Luiso Berdejo

Cast Marta Etura, Elvira Mínguez, Carlos Librado ''Nene''

Produced by Nostromo Pictures
Atresmedia Cine

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On the banks of the river Baztan, at Navarra's valley, it appears the naked body of a teenager in circumstances that put it in connection with a murder happened one month ago.
The investigator of the Homicide Section of the Foral Police, Amaia Salazar, will be in charge of an investigation that will give back her to Elizondo, a small town where she is originally from which she has tried to scape her entire life.
Amaia's investigation is a race against time to find a murderer who can show the most terrifying face of a brutal reality while summoning the most disturbing beings from the legends of the north.


  • Thriller
  • 129 '
  • +16
  • Digital 5.1
  • Colour
  • 2D Digital
  • Spanish