The Neigbhourhood on the Beach

El barri del sorral

By Sílvia Quer

Written by Marta Molins, Begoña Garcia Carteron

Produced by Promarfi Futuro 2010

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An ensemble piece that starts off in the Citadel of Barcelona in 1751 and looks back at the past, as of the defeat of the Principality of Catalonia in 1714 and the creation of the shanty town outside the citadel walls, portraying life in that part of the city until the birth and initial years of the Barceloneta neighbourhood. A roller coaster journey about beating the odds, told from a female perspective, at a time when poverty-stricken women had almost no future.



  • Drama
  • 100 '
  • Dolby Stereo
  • Colour
  • HD
  • English, Catalan