No Country for Young Men

No és país per joves

By Giovanni Veronesi

Written by Giovanni Veronesi, Andrea Paolo, Ilaria Macchia

Cast Sara Serraiocco, Giovanni Anzaldo, Sergio Rubini

Produced by Neo Art Producciones
Paco Cinematografica
Rai Cinema

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Every year five hundred thousand young people leave Italy and South Europe and flee overseas. They call it “brain drain” but among the new emigrants there are a lot of ordinary young people seeking their fortune. Sandro and Luciano are two of them. Luciano has just graduated and he aspires to be a writer, not a waiter in Rome. They decide to leave old Europe and go to Havana and try their fortune at opening some business there. This is their story and what they find.


  • Comedy, Drama
  • 105 '
  • Colour
  • HD
  • Spanish, Italian